In July of 2011, I traveled to Gaza and worked with locals and other International activists to help the children of the Samouni Family express some of their lingering thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams and fears following a tragic loss of family members during Israel's "Operation Cast Lead," that took place in January, 2009. 

The video tells their story along with some photos of images they painted recalling those events and their daily lives in Gaza.

More of their story can be found on Wikipedia:

According to accounts by family members, on January 4, 2009, the first day of the Israeli incursion in the Zeitoun district, during what became known as "Operation Cast Lead," the Samouni clan were ordered out of their houses (most of which were later demolished) by Israeli soldiers and told to gather in a nearby home. They were forced to move again to another building, with over 100 members in one home. On January 5, Israelis began demolishing the wall of the house. According to eyewitnesses, when one of the occupants went to alert the Israeli soldiers that people were inside, including women and children, the soldiers began to shoot at the house. After a short lull, the house was shelled and hit by missiles fired by the Israeli Air Force, severely damaging the building and killing and injuring the occupants.

A total of 49 members of the Samouni extended family were killed, according to The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian newspapers, reporting from Zeitoun. A large number of the dead were women and children; the Telegraph reported that the dead were, "mostly women, children and elderly". 

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